Root Canal

I am getting a root canal tomorrow, and I can't wait. I know, it sounds crazy, but my students seem to have plotted against me to be major pills today. It is interesting because I know that they are not plotting against me. The truth, and I think it is a difficult truth for some teachers (especially me) to accept, is that I simply did not plan a good lesson today, and I am not doing well in the classroom management area. It is really frustrating, because I should be doing better. And I know that I can and have done better. I have always found that if I know why I am failing in a certain area, it is easier to deal with. It is easier to realize that it may just be a fluke. It is easier to realize what I need to improve on. The really amazing thing about today is that one of my most troublesome and rebellious students actually did the work today and did very well.


    Dear Jethro
    since most (all) my teaching experiece is in the the church. many times I have felt that way teaching deacons. but most of the times it has been because I did not have the holy spirit with me as i taught. When we have the spirit we can teach. dc 42:11 ITHINK. the same goes in school. some days we do not have it. but other times we do. you must have had it the day before because your worst student was prepared. count and bless those days, and try to get the spirit back. nothing like a root canal to lose the spirit.

    I would say "Good Luck" on your Root Canal, but you have already had it.

    Anyway, good point about having a plan and being prepared. That concept is always true in every aspect of life.