The Breaking Point

My honors class is usually a little rambunxious. They are full of energy, and there are a few boys that are certainly filling the role that boys are "supposed" to fill. They are always walking around, yelling, fighting, etc. The girls also fill their stereotypical roles well: they talk constantly, they flirt, they write notes, etc. It usually is not that big of a deal, but today was supposed to be a fun day. We just finished talking about voice in writing, and so I wanted to show a video (below) that showed how their writing is much more entertaining when their voices show through. Well, my class was talking the entire time and so I said, "Okay, class, if you guys want to continue acting like second-graders, I will treat you like second-graders." So, I made them all put their heads down on their desks, printed up an assignment for their homework, since we weren't going to do it in class, and then typed another assignment for the weekend. I really like that class, but they were so unruly today, I knew that I needed to do something to nip it in the bud. Only one student apologized after class was over. They had their heads down the entire period.


    Dear Jethro
    I put my multicultual head on my desk for about 2 hours every day. good luck with your classes. I am sure you are a good teacher.
    dad and Ana

    That is funny that you made them put their heads on their desks. Did any of them fall asleep?
    At least one student came up and appologized. They will go far in life if they are already mature enough to see and admit when they are wrong.

    I love the video from You Tube. That is great.