Teacher for the Day Update

My student who taught last week wrote up a little response to what she thought of being a teacher for a day:

Being a teacher is not something that I would become when I grow up. A reason is because it's boring and you don't have fun. Besides, all the "students" ignore you and do whatever they want. It's hard being a teacher because you have to to [sic] thing so you can answer the students' questions, even though some questions are dumb, you still should know the answer. Now I know that it's not easy to be a teacher, it is actually pretty hard.

I am glad that she was able to understand something from that experience.


    dear Jethro
    somethings we have to learn on our own. But it is so good to learn because they stick with us more. I so enjoyed Staci's last post about little Kaytia laughing during the prayer. that made me cry, it was wonderful. I love you.


    I am glad that student got something out of "attempting" to teach. Hopefully she will improve her behaviour, not only in your class but in other classes too!