Such a softie

Today, this seventh grade girl (not my student) was in the hall talking to some ninth graders. It is "Unique You Day" at our school which basically means that kids can dress up as whatever makes them unique. She had a tiara, and theses ninth grade girls were very cliquish. They made her feel bad for wearing the tiara and didn't have time to talk to a little 7th grader. It made me sad to see that. Sometimes I am such a softie.


    Most teachers are softies. I've already cried this year for a student. I have an 8th grade student who is new to the school who was eating lunch at her locker for the first few days because she didn't have anyone to sit with at lunch. I told her she couldn't do that and she'd have to go to the cafeteria tomorrow. The next day I asked her if she had gone to the cafeteria. She said yes. I asked if she had found anyone to sit with and she said no. It made me so sad that I make one of my students sit with her now. It's crazy how upset I get when these kids are upset and their not even my own children. That's when I'm happy I don't have any children because I'd probably go insane with worry.