Amazing! Thank you Chris

So my good friend Chris asked a question in the comments yesterday about the web quest, so I thought I would answer it. The really amazing thing is he had a perfect teaser to get me to answer it. He used a program he is working on called Jing. It is wicked awesome. It is a screen capturing program that you can use to capture video or pictures and then explain whatever you want. The only problem is that while Chris left the comment at about 7 pm, I didn't see it until 10:30 last night. As it turns out, I was so excited about how to use this program, that I couldn't go to sleep. I just thought about how I could use it. For example, more than half my students were on a field trip yesterday, so they missed my explanation about what to do to start this web quest. Now, I can put a link to the Jing screencast on my website, explaining what to do, and they can watch it before they start working. This will also be good for explaining things that are complicated when I need to show something, but don't want to be stuck at my computer. I can see how this program can be very useful in education.


    Nice Jing video Jethro. But, even better than the video itself, that seems like an interesting way to get kids to ask questions. I guess I take that skill for granted as I work with adults; or I've assumed people have that skill. As I think of it now, getting people to ask more questions is something I should probably work towards and include in my instructional design.

    Pretty cool Jethro. This might help a lot especially if the kids need to refresh their memory on the instructions for what they are doing. I hope it works well for you.

    Quite informative. Jing looks like a great tool to use. Isn't technology great?