I have great students

For the most part, my students were very good for the week that I was gone. There were a couple punk kids, but other than that, they did great. They were very respectful to the sub. When I walked in the door, this was waiting on my board. I thought it was pretty nice.

Then, my 3rd period students had this waiting for me, too, along with a couple gifts for the kids.

Also, this week and next week is the Sub for Santa charity drive where the students bring money and food to make Christmas possible for some kids in our school who don't have much. One of my students brought in $150! I could not believe it. She had her dad go and talk to people at work and donate some money. If anyone reading this is interested in helping, let me know and we will work something out.


    That was very nice of your students. Nice to know you are loved and appreciated. And they were actually listening, they knew you were gone because of a new baby.


    Please contact me at
    maxbooks1@aol.com concerning the contest to win books for boys.


    Max Elliot Anderson