ACU is Giving an iPod Touch or iPhone to All Incoming Students

Here is a video in two parts that this college (Abilene Christian University) produced called "Connected."

The funniest part is that it is playing the video on the iPhone is not shown in widescreen! Classic. Just goes to show that not only is this a crappy way to get people to come to your school, but it also shows that not everyone is on board with this, which is how it has to work if it is to succeed.

The other thing that is hilarious about this is that they totally overlook (at least in this video) any educational possibilities that exist for the iPhone/iTouch.

"This new iPhone is so great, it shows me how to get to class late on my first day! Thanks, ACU!"

The video is actually pretty funny, and makes me want one for each of my students even less. I guess it shows that maybe my dreams won't really happen because then we would all be dorks. Thanks ACU!

Have a Good Life.


    Yeah, pretty dorky video. I'm amazed that a university would accept this type of purchase. First of all, the iPod Touch/iPhone is a brand new platform. It's really young. With a new technology comes a lot of cost. You have to pay to be an early adopter, you have to pay for development time to make any custom application (because there is no existing market). And you have to pay for training on the technology (either as up-front training or tech-support). I don't care how user-friendly the iPhone is, people won't know how to hook up their email, which is really important.

    Anyway, good rant Jethro, I totally agree.

    Yeah, it is a pretty silly commercial. I still think it is a good technology, but this video looks so poor. I will be interested to see how things are going after a couple years with this plan. I am betting it will flop.