iPod Touch Update

As I sit here typing this blog on my wife's iPod Touch, I am rethinking the idea that I had about iPods in the classroom. It would be pretty hard to convince some people to invest in a whole classroom set of iPods. So what I am thinking is that if I can get five or six (still less than two grand) then I can do something else that I am interested in doing. What I really want to do is have some learning areas where they can have some self-directed learning experiences. I would like to set it up so that they can go to the different stations and do different things. I would like to have a station for reading, one for writing, one for web stuff. There are a lot of possibilities that we could do but it would be really neat to have them work on some things all by themselves. So I am going to focus on getting a few for the classroom and that is it. The district has mini-grants available, and our PTA is doing some grants for teachers, so I think that I might be able to get some money to buy them. Then we could use them two or three times per week, and that would be really near. Plus, we could see how well it actually works before investing in a classroom set.

By the way, this takes a bit longer to type on the Touch, but I don't think it's that bad. The software does a great job of correcting my typos. There are a few times where it gets it wrong, but it is very accurate.

Have a Good Life.


    Have you looked at any hardware alternatives? There are a couple other companies that make mp3/web browsing devices that compare to the iPod Touch's functionality. That's not to say that the iPod isn't a good choice, but it's also not the only player in the game. Archos comes to mind; you can put the Opera mobile browser on it. There are others that support video (not sure about internet) like creative's and Cowan.

    Good luck with your proposal.

    It is true that it is not the only player in the game. Your idea is not a bad one because people may not know what those other things are...and because of their ignorance, they will not fight the idea as much. I think if I say "iPod" then everybody gets scared, like if I say "Ustream" or "YouTube" or something like that. ;)