A Learning Experience

A couple months ago, I commented on how great it is when learning is frustrating. Well, it is still great, but sometimes it is not that great. As you may have noticed, I took off all the posts from my internship this summer. My principal made a good point, she said that I was privy to a lot of information and that I didn't realize how much trust I was given.

I know that I make mistakes and that I am not perfect, but I sure don't like being told about it.

The feelings that I experienced when she told me were very conflicted. I was sad, hurt, offended, suddenly aware of the weight of that job, and extremely grateful that she told me how she felt. It is not fun to be called out, but it is sometimes needed.

Thank you Mrs. P. for a wonderful internship, and helping me learn something that was hard to swallow, but needed to be said.

Have a Good Life.


    I seem to have to relearn certain lessons about digital text every few months. (Which begs the question, 'did I really learn anything in the first place?)

    It hurts to know/realize that our words can hurt others, and that we sometimes have to 'bite our digital tongues' and not blog about whatever we want.

    I want 'my' blog to be 'my personal learning space' where I do whatever the H-E-double-hockey-sticks I feel like. But the reality is that it is a public space, and in a way, I'm a public official, something I am forced think about more often after moving from teacher to VP... I'm thinking about this right now with my hock-sticks comment above:-/

    That's too bad. I understand completely why. I'm given access to some pretty exciting information at my work that I'd love to share, but I can't. It would really affect our business.

    Thank you for posting what you did. I really enjoyed having this view into your internship. I'm glad I got to read it as it came out.

    Have you thought about a private Ning community (or something like it) where you could invite certain people? That might be a fun forum for those of use that can't share openly on the web. It might be even something I could participate more in.


    I do think that it is very difficult to navigate that fine line of "my personal learning space" and "public official." I do believe that it is worth it to walk the fine line. I think it teaches those we teach that it is good to censor yourself sometimes. I had such a good internship experience, and I wish that I could share more of it, and maybe someday I will. I did keep a journal of everything, even though I didn't publish it here.

    Chris, a private Ning community is a good idea, but not right now. I do think it would be neat when I am an administrator to be able to share things with other admins and invited people that have special insight.