So, it looks like 214.6 is my stabilized weight. I was at 213.0 on Monday morning, and then by Wednesday, I was at 214.6, where I have stayed every day since. With my weight being 214.6, I have lost 27.0 pounds on this round of HCG. I would like to get down to 180, so I still have 34 more pounds to go. If I can do that, I will no longer fit my insurance company's definition of overweight.

I didn't do any exercising this week because I wanted to stabilize my weight by watching my caloric intake. I have felt the best when taking 1300 calories. I haven't been hungry and I have felt like I have more energy when I keep the calories that low. I feel like I have gorged myself whenever I get close to 1800 or 2000.

This week I hope to do some exercising and see if I can sneak off a couple more pounds before I start HCG again.