When I was about 11, my dad told me I was Jethro-centric. I didn't know what that meant, so he told me to look up Heliocentric. That self-centeredness has grown into self-confidence.

I don't believe there is anything that I cannot do. I believe that I can do anything I want to do.

In my religion, we believe that we existed before we came to earth and that we will exist after this life as well. One main outcome of that belief is we believe that our minds are more powerful than our bodies.

That is a long introduction the point of this post. I didn't cheat on this diet. Not once. Part of the reason why I didn't cheat is because I wanted to prove to myself that my mind is the one in control, not my body.

It is especially important for me to note that for a long time, my body was in control. My appetites ruled me, and I gave in, repeatedly. There are many reasons why the weight gain happened, but they don't really, matter, because they all lead to the same thing: my body ruled my spirit and my mind. That is backward. My mind and spirit should always rule.

Tomorrow morning I will have my new maintenance weight. I am excited for the weigh in. I was hoping it would 30 pounds less than when I started, but I am pretty sure it will be about 28 pounds. And that is a lot of weight to lose in just a few short weeks. I am really excited about this, and excited to keep my mind and spirit in control from now on.


    You certainly have proved that you can do anything that you put your mind to. I am amazed at what you have accomplished! I am stoked that you have lost so much weight, especially when you are doing all this cooking with your new blender. Keep up the great work!!

    You certainly have done a fantastic job! I am glad you didn't cheat, it only makes things harder. I am amazed at how much weight you have lost. Keep up the good work. You Rock!!!