Reflection #3: On Integrating Technology

The school I just finished the year at is not that technology advanced. They do have some technology (some that I didn't know about until the last day) but it is not that great. The computers that I hunted down for my room were eMacs 700MHz, running Mac OSX 10.2. They were very slow and many times did not work how they were supposed to. I did have a SMARTboard in my room, but I never had time to learn how to use it, so I didn't use it. I did try a couple times, but it was more difficult than I wanted. As I have mentioned before, my 9th grade honors class did individual blogs each week. That was a neat experience, but I have a different plan for next year. I want to have a blog for each class, and then each class will have one day to go down to the lab and do their blog. It will be very important for me to teach them that this is not just some other assignment. I need to incorporate research, good writing skills, correct grammar usage, and internet safety. If I don't include these things, it will be virtually worthless because they will just be doing an assignment, and not effectively using technology to better their experience. I have decided to use a class blog because it was very difficult for grading and tracking to see who did their assignment when every one of them had its own url. At my new school they have opaque projectors which are basically overhead projectors that you don't need transparencies for. They are really slick. You can put the student's paper in there, right after they wrote it and then critique it and give them immediate feedback. There are video projectors on the same site since opaque projectors are discontinued but we had those at BYU-Idaho. I didn't think they were that great.

Changes I need to make regarding technology next year:
  • Use technology effectively to enhance education, not just to use it for the sake of using it.
  • Use technology to make my job easier, not harder.


    I just read several posts all at once. Good reflections. Your new goals will really help you next year. I hope you will start listening to me brother!! When you got your job I gave you excellent advice:
    1-Classroom management is the most important thing.
    2-Plan ahead, it is much more effective (and easier) to map out a plan of your instruction and to use the standards in your instruction. Spending the extra time to plan a lot at once will save you more time in the following days.
    3-Get to know the "best" teachers in your school. They can help with classroom management and lessons.

    These were the things that helped me become a better teacher.
    Although you did not take my advice, I am glad that you did learn the importance of these things in teaching. I am sorry you had to learn it the hard way, but sometimes that is what it takes. You will have a great year next year. You already know what you need to do to be a more effective teacher. Each year you will get better and better. And each year you will most likely come up with more goals to make you the best all around. Oh by the way, I am sure that your first year of teaching was still better than other first year teachers. Good luck next year!!!


    I didn't completely ignore your advice. I just didn't live up to your expectations. Sorry.