Make a Difference Wednesday!

I mentioned this website earlier and wanted to mention it again. My class has gone to great lengths to set the day aside to help raise rice for the United Nations. They wrote a proposal to the administration, they planned out a schedule, made permission slips to teachers, and passes back from the library. I am so proud of how hard they worked. So, a lot of students will be filtering into the library to go to and see how much rice we can to donate to the United Nations. The totals for the past few days are in the image below.

If you have a chance, please spend a couple minutes there and pad our stats. ;)

My students would really appreciate your help.

In other news. The SWAT team wiki is up and running. It looks great. The students have done almost all of that all by themselves. They are doing a remarkable job! Stay posted for the website for gratitude if we can ever figure out how to get the form to work.


    Well, I just donated 300 grains of rice for you, vocab level 41. I must say, most of the words I had never heard of, but I just used all those vocab skills I learned in school to figure them out!