New to Me Software

Typeit4me is a program that I have heard about but never tried, until today. It is cool. With the "Utah Pandemic Flu" that will inevitably kill us all, I have had a lot of sick students. So, just about every day, I get an email from the attendance office that says something like,


Student has been out ill this week and homework has been requested.
Please send his work to the Attendance Office, his brother will take it
home today. Thanks

I have a system in place for this very thing, and I like it. I have a website with all the info that my students need to complete an assignment. I do this on purpose because all but 2 of my students (and they are sisters) have internet access and home, and everyone can access the internet here at school. This way, when students come and ask me what we did yesterday, I point them to the website, and say, "EVERYTHING you need is there!"

So, when I get an email from attendance, now, I can just respond with a few characters and it will punch in all the info for me. It is wonderful. Here is a video.

I don't know if my computer is acting up today or if it this program, but things have been incredibly sluggish since I installed Typeit4me. Earlier, when the prefpane was open, it iStat was showing that the prefpane was using 90% of my memory! Yikies! Now you can see it is just Firefox. Double yikies!

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

Have a good life.