Leadership: Tarantino Style

Taylor the Teacher posted about leadership today, probably because she feels her leadership is this way. This is definitely an authoritarian approach, and sometimes the situation warrants this kind of leadership (of course without the cutting off the head part). Sometimes, you really need to chop down on this. I remember one experience that I had as a leader where I needed to be strong. There was a topic that we could not talk about. If we did, it would have eroded our unity and all that we had worked so long and hard to make. This was the same basic approach that I needed to take with those that I led. I laid down the law and said, "We will not talk about this."

Here is the clip Taylor used (Warning: It has bad language and a guy gets his head chopped off.)

I haven't ever seen this movie, but I like that Taylor related this clip to leadership--very clever.

Have a Good Life.