Markdown out of Scrivener and into iBooks

In writing my book, I used Markdown as I was writing it to force me to focus on the content, or else I would never get it done. I didn’t start playing around with fonts, and colors, and design until the actual writing was in to be reviewed by a trusted friend.

I had a really hard time getting the Markdown text out of Scrivener into a readable format with the pictures that I had linked in. I needed the format to go to Word so that I could insert chapters into iBooks Author.

When I compiled from Scrivener to Word, I got markdown formatted text, not RTF (and no pictures)

When I compiled from Scrivener to RTF, I got rich text, formatted how I wanted, but without pictures.

When I compiled from Scrivener to PDF, I got rich text, formatted how I wanted, with pictures, but when I copied and pasted it, the pictures all went to the last ten pages, which would have required more work than I wanted.

When I compiled from Scrivener to TXT, it gave me just what I had written in Scrivener.

When I exported to OPML, I got a really cool Mind Map of my whole book!

To get what I needed, I had to go to and download the Drag and Drop apps (all the way at the bottom) from Fletcher Penney’s github site. When I did that, I dragged my Scrivener-exported .txt file onto the HTML app, and it converted it to HTML for me. I opened that up and copied the styled text from the web browser, and pasted it into a Word doc. It got all the formatting how I set it up in Markdown, and made it easy for me to get it out into chapters to be imported into iBooks Author.

I realize now that I could have compiled from Scrivener to HTML and been totally fine with what I needed. Live and learn, right?

As a side note, I really like iBooks Author. It makes even what I am doing look fairly decent!

Have a Good Life.


    Were there specific settings you're using to get Scrivener to pay attention to the markdown formatting? I've tried using markdown before, and wasn't able to get it to output formatted text to Word. In the end I had to hand edit the entire manuscript. At 120K words, it was officially no fun at all.

    I had to just play around until I got it right. The tool made it pretty harmless to try and convert it.