A Great Video

This video is a little like the one I posted previously, but it is better and longer (about 8 minutes). The really neat thing about this is that it was made by someone at my school district. I need to get in touch with this guy, and see if I can't get him to help me get some better stuff going. The website he links to is pretty informative.


    On April 15, 2007 at 10:38 PM George said...

    Wow, Jethro, you are right. That is a great video. I really really liked it. Just watching that video opened up a whole realm of possibilities for learning for students. Think of how awesome it would be to have a podcast of your lectures and the kids can listen to it before your class, then get to the class and ask questions!!

    Being a teacher, that has been my chief complaint, not enough questions! Although, I imagine being able to ask a question every 10 hours would be suffocating to a student.

    This video is very progressive. He brought out so many things that I never even thought of. This can take primary education to a whole new level. Now the trick is TEACHING all the old-school, entrenched, luddites who still refuse to acknowledge technology as a tool and not a nuisance.