iPod Touch in the Classroom

Due to a grant by our PTSA, I was able to purchase 3 iPod Touches for use in my classroom. I was going to do some unboxing pics, but I was too busy watching Heroes last night to worry about totally geeking out. But, I did get a chance to snap a picture of the three iPods.

Last school year, I talked about my dream of having these in the classroom. I still think it is a good idea, and I think that it will be beneficial for my students.

I bought a bunch of applications, though most of them were free. I have a few that I have been thinking of writing myself (shh, don't tell my wife, she thinks I have too much on my plate already) but I probably won't ever get to it, because it takes so much time to learn something so new to me.

The cool thing is that the kids love it. They would do any assignment I asked of them, just because it is on an iPod. So, where does that leave me?

Here is my philosophy: I don't know what it is yet.

I am bouncing around a few things.
  1. Students should use technology to do things that they would do anyways. For example, my students do a quickwrite every so often. Today, they entered their quickwrites in a form on our wiki and all their stories are in a spreadsheet on Google Docs.
  2. Students should use technology to do new things that they haven't done before. In other words, this should change the way I teach and the way they learn. For example, I made a video and put it on the iTouches for them to watch, and they received instruction by watching a video so that they could perform their next task.
  3. Students should use technology so that they are engaged and that is the only reason why.
I am amazed at how my students have reacted to the technology in our classroom. They love it. They are much more willing to do what I ask when they get to use technology.

I enjoy their enthusiasm for the technology, because it is something I share, also.

Will you help me clarify my philosophy about technology?

Have a Good Life.


    Hi Jethro,
    Congrats on getting the grant for the ipods. I am very interested in this topic and have some questions for you:

    1) How many students are sharing these 3 ipods?
    2) What apps are loaded on the ipods?
    3) How long is an ipod "session"?
    4) How do you decide who uses the ipod? Is there a schedule? Is it time-based, or project-based? That is, does a slower student get more time than a quicker student?
    5) Is time on the ipod used as a perk or reward?
    6) What is the ideal ratio of students per ipod?
    7) Does the student do work on the ipod? On a computer? On paper?
    8) Do you download podcasts from the iTunes store?
    9) Are the students creating their own podcasts? If so, are they audio only? video?

    I know you are busy, but I hope you get a chance to respond to at least a couple of these questions.