Safety. Connection. Learning. with Teri Barila Transformative Principal 177
You ain’t getting to learning until that student is regulated
Building adult skills to support trauma-impacted youth with Teri Barila Transformative Principal 178
Resilience - #1 strategy attachment to a caring adult.
Nurturance is reparative and restorative

Teri Barila is the Children’s Resilience Initiative Director.

  • Toxic Stress impacts our brain development and architecture
  • Brain developed to protect that individual.
  • When you feel threatened, you go to that brain stem.
  • How we look at behavior from a different lens.
  • It’s not what’s wrong with this person
  • What has this person experienced that I can manage to support him or her.
  • Regulatory skills needed for kids.
  • Body already understands that you are being threatened.
  • Body shuts down all other functions to be supportive.
  • Use the same response systems as a child.
  • Understanding our brain architecture.
  • Language centers are disconnected when they are in stress.
  • Provide opportunities to calm down.
  • You ain’t getting to learning until that student is regulated.
  • We further escalate that response by sending the student out.
  • When we recognize that behavior is a call for help, we will move from punishment to regulation.
  • How to teach regulation to students.
  • Teach them how their brain works.
  • Don’t wait until they are in high school to teach self-regulation.
  • Recognize, validate, and manage their feelings.
  • Where are you as you’re walking into my classroom.
  • What’s going on in your world?
  • Mantras, other ways to regulate.
  • It’s all about being present with the child.
  • Noticing, naming, validating, managing their feelings.
  • We forget to notice that kids are escalating.
  • Rather than punishing a child for having a feeling…
  • Do you have enough skills to manage the feelings
  • What to do when they are escalated.
  • When one is having trouble, we don’t alienate, we try to help.
  • Welcome slip - “We’re glad you’re here. Welcome to school.”
  • Safety. Connection. Learning.

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