You need to have imagination. You normally need an audience to misbehave

Pirjo Suhonen lives in Finland and recently finished her Master’s in Education.

  • What school is really like in Finland

  • Give a lot of value to childhood and play

  • Prefer to let them play and explore

  • School is 4-5 hours


  • Preschool is up to 7 years old (only 4 hours per day, play rather than book learning)

  • Play leads to more self-motivated learning

  • Demanding a lot, but giving a lot

  • Design Factory in Espol.

  • Instead of just having a chat with someone in the coffee room only, you have open channels of Skype in other coffee rooms in other countries.

  • If kids can teach coding, anyone can learn it!

  • Pirjo’s MOOC

  • Broad national curriculum.

  • Core curriculum - 7 competencies

  • Perseverance.

  • Competencies give you the why you are in school.

  • How to teach perseverance

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