The Vicious Cycle

Some of my students don't have very good lives. Low-income, low self-esteem, low expectations for themselves. It is tragic. It hurts me to see it. One of my students today refused to do any work because she is having a bad week. Sadly, this happens 2-3 times a week and so it has become a bad habit. I had my own struggles growing up and finding out who I was. The thing that my students do not understand is that they can change, both their lives and their situation. They need an advocate and someone on their side. Most importantly, they need education. Education can change their lives in ways they cannot even dream of. If they want to get out of the vicious cycle of poverty, they need education. It is their best key at getting out. They live in a cycle that drags them down and once they are in it, the task of getting out is overwhelming.

My sister spoke about another cycle that is difficult to get out of. Once you get upset or mad, it is so much easier to stay upset and mad than it is to be happy and positive. Usually, you need someone to educate you about how to be a better person to be able to pull yourself out of it. I believe that we all have a little bit of godliness in us. We have absolute power inside of us, but we need to find a way to tap into that. In my sister's case, the staff at her doctor's office taught her how to tap into that. For my students, I (and every teacher) needs to be that one person that can help them tap into their powerful reserves. They have the potential in them, but it is easier for them to continue in their vicious cycle than to strive to change their surroundings.

I will be forever indebted to my sister, Andrea, and her husband, Jason, for lighting that light in my mind. They provided the strong hand that I needed to guide me out of my painful choices and on to the road that I am on now. I am truly happy. I did not get here on my own, and I can only pay back those who helped me by helping others who need someone like them. Hopefully, I can be the kind of teacher that inspires and uplifts students to reach for the stars and go beyond.


    Dear Jethro
    you may not want to share this, but I know that you are correct in your resoning. when I was young i never heard my dad tell me he loved me until, I was a junior in high school. I was determined to change that and to tell my kids that i loved them and to encourage them that they could do anything. sometimes that was hard to do, but most of the time i did it. I am glad you went to Andrea and Jasons and for the good effect they had on you as well as your concilar at high school. i love you. dad

    Mr. Jones,
    What a great blog. It is true that people often find themselves in a "Vicious Cycle". I only wish there were more teachers like you. You are such a valuable tool to these kids. You change and inspire the lives of hundreds. What a great blessing and challenge. Keep up the good work. There are going to be more hard times than easy times, but it will all worth it knowing that you helped to inspire these kids to become better individuals. You rock!!!!