What the?

The class with the worst behavior is sitting there working and has been working since I told them to start working. AMAZING! I didn't think that it was possible, but they are all reading their books just like they should. Nobody is goofing off, and they are all doing what they should. This never happens. It probably helps that a bunch of people are absent, but I think it is also because I am letting them read out loud in groups. They are doing just what they should. Awesome. They like reading out loud more than to themselves even though I think it is harder. This group of kids, though, I think they just like interacting with other people.

Have a Good Life.


    Are you ever able to tweak your lesson plans for a unique class, like this one? Or, is that tough to do?

    I can't imagine unique lesson plans for each class (or even the need), but i would be curious how plausible it is to adjust to different learning styles and group behaviors.

    That was fast Chris!

    Yes, I do tweak my plans for almost all of my classes. This one is my low-reader class and they always do something a little different. And, I am required by law (IDEA, IEPs, and 504's) to change my lesson plans for every single child if need be. It can be quite a pain, but it is better for the student, so I guess I should do it.

    Also, FYI, I teach the same thing six times. I have six sections of the same subject. This one is just a little bit different than the rest.