The Power of Sex

As part of our Greek Mythology unit, we are watching Disney's "Hercules". Don't get me wrong, we already watched Jason and the Argonauts. During the whole movie, some of my students are talking. At any point during the movie, there is at least one student talking, not paying attention. However, there is a part where Meg sings about how she isn't really in love with Hercules. That was the only part in the whole movie where everyone was focused on the movie. Nobody said a word once she started singing. It was really interesting to watch how they were all mesmerized. They focused on her and the singing, and when it was over, they were able to talk again. I would say that it is the power of Music, and not sex, but during the other songs, they were not as interested in the movie. These 7th and 9th graders are experiencing "love" for the first time and I really believe that these segments in movies appeal to them.

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    Somewhat related to education--presumably we got one in high school--is the fact that Ferris won the state basketball tournament over the weekend in double OT. Congrats to all former Saxons.

    Really, this was just an excuse to say "hey, buddy!"

    On March 13, 2007 at 10:42 PM George said...

    Many scholars believe that sex is the most powerful emotion that humans are capable of. It can lead to love, but not so commonly. The power of sex will make men steal, kill, lie, cheat, climb mountains, save lives, change cultures, create massive fortune, win championships, you name it. Sex sells, and there is a reason.